How to install an anti-banner

How to install an anti-banner

Banner ad — an important source of income for many Internet resources. But for visitors it often becomes the real problem. Especially, when advertizing occupies a third of contents of the website moreover and blinks bright colors. Long loading on not really fast connection, for example, from mobile devices becomes other unpleasant side of abundance of banners on the website. To save itself from unnecessary information, it is possible to install the special program filter.


1. Install the extension for the browser which will block banners. One of the best options the Adblock project is considered for today. Development of this expansion was conducted and conducted for such programs as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Also there is similar means for the Norwegian Opera browser — AdBlock anti-banner.

2. Open your browser and pass to the page of any search engine. Enter in the search string request "the Adblock extension for Chrome" if you use Google Chrome. Instead of Chrome you can specify the name of your program for browsing the Web, for example, by Firefox or Opera.

3. Follow the link to the page of expansion, for example, of For Firefox and Opera the link to the page of loading will be another. Click "Install" and wait for the end of loading of the application. In Firefox the full name of this plug-in looks as Adblock Plus, installation process does not differ. Restart the browser to begin work with an anti-banner.

4. Click "Settings" in the browser, select the Expansions item and activate the left mouse button the Adblock point. The page of setup of filtering of banners, advertizing and a flash rollers will open. You can configure the list of exceptions and separate parameters of blocking of advertizing, or the anti-banner is ready to touch nothing — to work. If on your favourite website advertizing all the same slips and there are banners, right-click according to the image and select item "Adblock Plus: block the image". This address will be added to lists of filters, and more you will not see on it a banner.

5. Other option — install the program of AdMuncher for automatic blocking of any advertizing in all browsers and applications. If you do not want to spend time for installation of an anti-banner for each browser or the client of instant communication, it is possible to get complex means of fight against uninvited declarations.

6. Start the browser, pass to the page and in the right part click on the link Free Trial. Downloading of a trial version will begin automatically. Start program installation and answer questions of the master. Then open the program and you can enjoy fast and convenient work on the Internet — the anti-banner of AdMuncher will perform all operations on blocking of undesirable contents in the automatic mode.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team