How to install smiles in the agent

How to install smiles in the agent

Users often wish to install in addition smiles in the agent for the purpose of expansion of the set which is already available there. But not all know how it is correct to make it.


1. Learn the name and the version of your program. For this purpose start it by means of one of below-mentioned ways. The first – click viewing data on a system. Or the second – through the Start menu open the list of installed applications.

2. On the Internet execute search by request of smilies which will be suitable for your program. Load smiles only from the checked websites to avoid infection of your computer with malicious codes.

3. Extract a set of smilies downloaded by you if in it there is a need. If it is the normal folder with the files which are in it, just copy it by means of the right mouse button. Previously make sure that your agent supports smiles of this format.

4. If it is required, then complete the work of the agent. Open a local disk then in Programm Files come into a directory of the client installed by you. Then find that folder which contains smilies and insert into it the downloaded information. It is necessary to consider that some agents have division of directories for normal statistical smiles and for animated.

5. If you downloaded smilies in the form of the installer, then just right-click according to the program twice. But before you start an installer of smilies, surely check it an antivirus with an anti-trojan and the updated bases.

6. If no threats are found in it, then safely install an additional set of smilies, at the same time specify a directory of finding of the program on the hard drive in the installer. Restart the program if it is required.

7. Now check correctness of installation. Start your program and open a dialog box, and then and a container with smilies, having clicked the corresponding icon. Pay attention that quite often some sets of smilies are intended for a certain version of the agent.

8. Actually, it is all installation process of smiles in the agent. If to observe the above sequence, then difficulties with installation will not arise. Add smiles in the agent and use them, giving pleasure to themselves and the interlocutors!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team