How to install the counter on the page

How to install the counter on the page

Practically each webmaster tries to install the attendance counter which gives the exact account on visitors of his "child" on the website. Today services of statistics from Google, Yandex and LiveInternet are considered as the most widespread.

It is required to you

  • The account on the website ""Yandex. Metrics"".


1. From above the listed services it is possible to use everything at once, but, as a rule, it is superfluous — to install one of them enough. Excellent help is service ""Yandex. Metrics"". For registration follow this link If you have an activated e-mail on Yandex, to be registered again there is no sense.

2. On the homepage of service pay attention to a top panel of the menu, in it there are all commands which will be useful to you in work with statistics of the website. Click the link "Add the Counter". On the General tab enter the name of the counter (important if there are several counters), specify the address of your website without "http://" and if is, specify mirrors for the entered address.

3. In the lower part of an open tab give a mark opposite to the Notify Me on Problems in Work of the Website point and select any option: by e-mail or by means of short sms. Then check the I Accept Conditions... point and click "Continue".

4. In the following tab, as a rule, all noted settings are already optimized. It is recommended to add a mark in the Informer point. And in the right part of the screen to click the link "Configure an Informer". Select a type of an informer and suitable colors, then click "Save".

5. Copy the code of the counter and insert it into the code of your website. It is recommended to insert a script between tags of body, and to place the code of the counter where you would like to see it, it is desirable closer to the end of the page since not each visitor browses material up to the end.

6. Several hours later, on the page of your profile ""Yandex. The metrics"" will be displayed statistics collected for the time spent of a script in files of your website. Also you can make several "thermal zones" by results of which it is possible to trace sections of your project, weak on attendance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team