How to install the module on the website

How to install the module on the website

Attractive any website is done by any given modules and expansions. Depending on the CMS system used by the user for management of the website there are features of installation of modules.


1. Download the necessary module for installation on the website. Make sure that the module downloaded by you is suitable for the version of your website. Install the new extensions, components and modules follows on the test version of the website and only after check of their working capacity to transfer to the main website.

2. Open the administrator's panel.

3. Come into the section of the top menu under the name "Expansions" and click "Install/delete" if you work in a management system of the website Joomla. The page of the manager of expansions will open.

4. Click "Load the file of a package", in the opened window select the downloaded module package. Then click "Load and install". If in this way the module is not loaded, try to begin to rock at first archive with the module to the website through Total Commander in the folder specified in the line "Install from the Folder" and click "Install".

5. Enter the address of arrangement of the module if its URL is known to you. After emergence in a line of the corresponding link click "Install". You got acquainted with three ways of installation of the module on the website working at Joomla. Do not forget to turn on the module in the manager of modules.

6. Create the separate folder for modules on the website if you work with CMS Drupal. Full URL to the folder with modules will look on the virtual server (Denver) so: D:WebServershomeyour.sitewwwsitesallmodules.

7. Read files with installation instructions and the description of opportunities of the module. They, as a rule, are in archive together with the module and have the txt extension. For example, readme.txt. Some modules have the features at installation therefore it is strongly recommended to read these files.

8. Copy the folder with the module in the folder created by you. allmodules. On the page "Management" pass into the section "Structure of the Website" and open the Modules tab. Turn on the installed module there.

9. Install the settings, necessary for you. Visit the page "Management" in the Users tab and open "Access rights". Distribute access rights of each user to this module.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team