How to install Windows on the eMachines laptop

How to install Windows on the eMachines laptop

Reinstallation of the operating system allows to get rid of a large number of unnecessary programs rather quickly. Besides, this procedure helps to increase stability of operation of the computer.

It is required to you

  • - USB drive;
  • - DVD disk.


1. Begin with creation of the loading device. It is possible to install the Windows operating system on the laptop of eMachines with use of a DVD disk or the USB drive. In the first case you need clean DVD-R (RW) and the ISO File Burning program. Download and install the specified software and insert a disk into the drive. If on your laptop the operating system is at the moment not installed, use any other computer with the DVD driver.

2. Download installation files of the Windows 7 operating system, using available sources, for example the official site of the Microsoft company. The loaded information should represent an image of a virtual disk in the ISO format. Start the program installed earlier. Specify the loaded file in the line "Path to ISO". In the field "Drive" select the DVD disk drive in which the prepared disk is located. Click "Burn ISO" and wait for completion of operation of copying of files.

3. If you want to install Windows 7 OS with drive USB-, connect the USB stick to the computer and open the command line. For this purpose click the Start-up and R keyboard shortcut. In the opened window enter Cmd and click Shift +Ctrl+Enter for start of the program in regime of the administrator.

4. Now you need to prepare the USB stick for record of the OS files. Enter in turn the Diskpart and List Disk commands. Find out at what number the necessary USB drive is registered and enter Select Disk "USB stick number". Further consistently make the following teams:
CLEAN (to clean the USB stick)
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY (to create the section)
SELECT PARTITION 1 (to select the section)
ACTIVE (to install a tag "Active")
FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK (quick format)
ASSIGN (to apply parameters)

5. Transfer boot files to the flash drive. For this purpose start the file which is in an ISO image. Start any program for work with virtual disks, for example Alcohol. Mount an image and look what letter was assigned to it by a system. In the command line gather F: and cd boot, where F - a letter of the virtual drive.

6. Enter bootsect.exe/NT60 and click Enter. After a successful completion of operation close the command line. Execute copying of files of a disk image on a flash card.

7. Reboot and click F12. Specify from what device it is necessary to execute start (DVD or USB). Wait for start of setup of the Windows 7 operating system and follow the step-by-step instruction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team