How to integrate the Internet fax with SAP?

How to integrate the Internet fax with SAP?

Popfax gives ability to integrate corporate solutions of sending and reception of faxes with all existing software applications on business process management of the enterprise, allowing users to send faxes directly from the systems of SAP, E-Commerce, CRM, ERP, etc., providing the enterprises with the powerful tool of the Internet fax.

Business of the modern companies is based at the integrated office systems of the enterprises working at different hierarchy levels of an information system (front-office, mid-office, back-office) that optimizes management of work processes and reduces operating expenses. For providing the high level of availability, speed and mobility of similar software solutions for employees of pedpriyatiya, developers of structure of the software virtualize office applications.

Providing technological independent solutions, such as protocol of access of SOAP, network potokol for transfer of e-mail of SMTP and also the printer fax the driver for Microsoft Windows compatible to all applications possessing printing function, service of the online fax provides integration with all existing professional applications. Become the subscriber the Internet fax of service and have an opportunity to integrate the powerful fax tool in several minutes to send and receive by fax applications, accounts, statements of accounts, etc. directly from the system of SAP or CRM of your enterprise.

Thanks to a possibility of implementation of simple technology of the fax from Popfax with the platforms SAP, CRM, ERP and other software solutions of e-Commerce, any company can get instant access to the unified documentary message necessary for their business strategy.

How to embed the Internet fax in the office application of the enterprise?

Popfax provides 2 free API SOAP (HTTPS web service) and SMTP (for e-mail) for the different integrated software solutions of the enterprises. Documents are sent from your application via the Popfax servers to fax numbers of recipients. The faxes sent to your selected numbers are redirected by Popfax service to the system CRM, SAP or other business platform of your company.

If sending faxes by the principle of e-mail nevertheless is a difficult task for the integrator of your application, installation the Popfax printer driver will become the excellent solution of an objective without any integration. Just install the printer driver on your computer, and you will be able to send any document from your professional application by means of Popfax to any fax number.

The online fax from Popfax allows:

Send faxes directly from modules of SAP, directories of CRM, the systems of electronic commerce, the ERP platforms, etc. Include cover pages in outgoing faxes, signatures etc. to Personalize documents for each recipient to Use the patented ""certified fax"" system for certification of the sent Receive Faxes faxes within a management system of business processes of your enterprise on fax numbers Popfax provided by Popfax fax provider, or previously postponed to an online service to Receive delivery receipts of each fax to resend not reached faxes in two clicks to Carry out fax mailings for increase in the customer base using own lists of addressees

Whether function of automated management of the facsimile message is necessary to the application on business process management of your enterprise?

Popfax guarantees quality and excellent compatibility of the application programming interfaces SOAP and SMTP: tens of thousands of daily active operations of the Pop Companion application and the Popfax printer driver take place successfully thanks to our wide experience in integration of API SOAP and SMTP. Popfax support at your service in local working hours.

Advantages of integration of the Internet fax with your system of SAP or CRM:

Transition from low technology of sending and receiving faxes manually to modern technology online of the Exception of Charges fax and service fax oborudovaniisya the Unified facsimile message with suppliers: you can immediately redirect applications to wholesale sellers, including not the Internet focused companies faster and simplified message of sales department with clients: the staff of the sales department can quicker respond to applications of clients, sending accounts on the fax without a number of the inconveniences connected with use of standard fax devices Simple management of the facsimile message: all sent and received faxes (and also confirmations on delivery) can be attached to specific clients, parner and banks Effective fax mailing directly from the operational utility of business process management, etc.

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