How to lay out verses on the website

How to lay out verses on the website

Poems differ from prosaic works in existence of the frequent translations of lines. Spreading verses on the website, it is necessary to leave single interline spacing and double - between stanzas, for example, quatrains. Instruction 1. Make sure that the poem which you are going to spread for the website is created by you personally or that you have the right for its informing everyone (within the contract, the free license or because of its transition to public property). 2. At placement of verses on the website it is convenient to use the HTML tag
. Place it before text fragment, and after it arrange the closing tag 
. The poem will be displayed by a monospaced font (in the presence of that visitor of the website in OS), at the same time, multiple spaces and the translations of lines will be displayed without any modification, for example:
I wrote verses yesterday,
I want to show to the world them.
Instead of a goose quill
Decided to take the keyboard.

I am glad to success with an ulterior motive.
I sit, I look - I will not tear off
An eye from the screen. Beauty!
Now I will call friends of all.
3. If you accept need of text editing of the poem for the purpose of the room of tags in every line, issue it so:

And here friends to me came.
I say: "What shame!
to You, the poet whether it is a shame
to Look with a smile in the monitor?"

Then I clicked F5 -
to look At comments,
I with an astonishment read
Short comment: "HORROR!" Here the tag

is placed before the line following right after double spacing, and the
tag - before the line following right after single. The font in the poem which is laid out thus unlike the previous case, does not change in any way. It is desirable to close both tags, but it is not obligatory. 4. If on the website the content management system (CMS) MediaWiki or similar is used, for placement of poems use the tag. Its closing is obligatory. He acts similar to the

 tag in the HTML language, but does not influence a type of a font. For example:

I two hours then sat,
Having sadly looked down,
And looked at the verses,
And on a cheek the tear flowed.

The reader catcalled verses,
Verses were not accepted by friends.
And I was sad and reflected:
Sting indeed the untalented person I?



Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team