How to learn balance of the cash card online

How to learn balance of the cash card online

It is difficult to find the person who would not know what is the plastic card. Every day the number of regular customers in different banks increases, and it means that each owner of the debit or credit card should know how it is possible just to learn easily and balance of the account.

It is required to you

  • - your cash card;
  • - Card PIN code;
  • - ATM;
  • - mobile phone;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - passport.


1. It is possible to check balance of the account of the cash card via the closest terminal of self-service. Usually such equipment can be seen directly in the bank, however sometimes there are also exceptions.

2. Approach the ATM and insert the card into the special receiver. That to activate it, you need to enter the PIN code which issue cards when receiving. Further select the necessary menu: "request of balance". You can look at the account rest on the screen of the ATM or request the check.

3. If your bank provides service of mobile banking, then it is possible to check the account of the card by means of phone which number should be in advance attached to number of your card. Send a request for this operation through the SMS message, having typed a certain code on the short number. You should consult in advance in any branch of the bank as this service can be paid.

4. If at your place there is a computer and also Internet access, then you can learn the account rest the easiest way – via the website. Unfortunately, not all banks can give such opportunity. Therefore it is necessary to learn in advance whether there is such service. Anyway, you should register on the official site of bank, only after that it will be possible to learn a cash balance.

5. Visit the website of bank online, enter the personal account, using the login and the password. Further it is necessary to select the corresponding menu then on the screen there will be a remained card sum.

6. In case there is no opportunity to use the Internet, service of mobile banking and the terminal, there is only the last way which is provided to everyone and is free, is a call by a hot line. Dial number of the operator with the code of your city, you will be able to learn phone in any office.

7. That the operator agreed to you to obtaining confidential information, it will be required to report your personal data: a name, a surname and a middle name, number of your card (it is specified on the card face), a keyword which you specified at registration of the card for the name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team