How to learn balance of the Internet card

How to learn balance of the Internet card

Now there is a great number of the providers giving an opportunity of connection to network by means of Internet cards. Periodically the subscriber has a need to check balance on the card not to receive debt and to be aware of the used means.


1. Check a status of personal account of the Internet card on the website of provider. Examine the Internet card on existence of the specified Internet address of provider or find it through search engine. Open the necessary website in the browser. Enter a personal account, having specified those the login and the password that were specified on a reverse side of the card.

2. As the login the card number can be used. To receive the password, accurately erase a coin edge a protective silver layer. Having entered an office and using sections of the menu (in particular, the section "Statistics Server"), you will be able to learn both personal information, and balance of the Internet card.

3. If you have no opportunity to trace the account status online, contact technical support service. Find the contract signed by you with Internet service provider or the annex to the document. On one of pages of the contract phone numbers of customer service will be registered. If necessary use services of a city help system or the phonebook to learn number of your supplier of Internet services.

4. Visit office of provider. Do not forget to take the document proving your identity, and the contract for delivery of services. If necessary there it will be offered to you to recharge the card also.

5. When using some type of Internet cards configure in a personal account automatic informing on a card balance status by e-mail, the SMS or ICQ.

6. If you use the Internet SIM card for the modem which is offered by cellular operators, on the account you can learn the rest, having inserted the SIM card into a handset jack and having typed the interrogation code of balance. If you — the subscriber of the Tele2 company, for check of the rest it is necessary not only to connect the modem with the card to the PC, but also to start the program. In the section Prepaid press the Check Status button. Pay request and learn balance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team