How to learn date of registration of the website

How to learn date of registration of the website

The organizations which are engaged in registration of domain names store the registration of each of domains given about dates. In addition, the relevant information is often specified also on the websites. Anyone can get acquainted with it.


1. Having visited the website interesting you, pay attention to the inscription located in the lower part of the page. It can look, for example, so:(C) 2001 - 2012 Group of authors of the website. A lack of such simplest way is the impossibility of definition of date of the basis of the website to within one day.

2. If you use the Linux operating system, start the terminal emulator and enter the following command: address whois. yt. In reply you obtain data on when and on whom the website and also what organization carried out registration is registered. Pay attention to a data unit of the following view: created: 2008.07.03paid-till: 2012.07.03free-date: 2012.08.03. The first of lines of this block characterizes date of registration of the website, the second - date to which service of the domain is paid, and the third - date of release of the domain in case of failure to pay a payment for extension. If the contribution is paid by the owner of a resource, the last two dates will be removed for several years. Consider that all three dates are provided in the American format: in the beginning year, then month is specified, and then - number.

3. The whois program is not included in the package of delivery of the Windows operating system. If you prefer this OS, download the whois-client for it from the following сайта:Данная the program has the graphic interface, but after request the whois utility for Linux displays information on the domain in the same format, as.

4. Local clients of whois service do not work if the port with number 43 is closed. Besides, for some operating systems, especially mobile, similar programs does not exist. Then the online client will come to the rescue, use of which requires nothing except the browser. To use, pass to following сайт:Введите in the field on the page a domain name which date of registration you wish to learn then click the red arrow located to the right of this field.

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