"How to learn from whom a gift"

"How to learn from whom a gift"

Gifts – popular function on such social networks as VKontakte, "Schoolmates", etc. The main feature is here that it is possible to give them as with the indication of the name, and anonymously. In the latter case the addressee has a desire to learn from whom this surprise.


1. First of all, click the received gift and look from whom it. Sometimes because of flow of joyful feelings it is not always possible to notice a name of the sender or his signature at once. Also right after receiving a gift check your private messages. Some users prefer to send congratulatory words the message, separate of a gift.

2. If the gift is sent anonymously, think which of your friends could present it. There are different types of gifts: friendly, romantic, dated for any holiday, etc. Perhaps, you have especially close friends, it could not be grieves them to spend a few means and to please you with a similar surprise.

3. Pay attention to those friends who were online in social network at the time of receiving a gift by you. Probability that it was sent by someone from them is very high. Also look at time at the top of the page in which any given user came to himself into the account. It will help to reduce the list of alleged donators considerably.

4. Visit the pages of those friends who, in your opinion, could send a gift with the largest probability. Look whether they congratulated this day or before somebody else and what gifts sent. If you notice that the person often sends to friends a certain type of gifts, it is quite possible that the surprise to you was made too by him.

5. Write the message to the person whom you suspect most of all, and thank for a gift. If you were wrong, and he will be surprised or will even be indignant, apologize and tell that accidentally were mistaken. But can happen and so that the person will be surprised in positive value of this word as he did not expect in any way that you will guess it. Thus you will be able to reveal the anonymous authors sending gifts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team