How to learn id of group of VKontakte

How to learn id of group of VKontakte

Vkontakte is a popular social network on which users communicate not only by the principle of "schoolmates-classmates-colleague", but also on mutual interests. For association on interests there are groups in which it is possible to enter and be aware of the latest news and also to communicate with interesting people.

It is required to you

  • - stationary компьютер/ноутбук/нетбук/смартфон/мобильный phone
  • - connection to the Internet
  • - any browser or corresponding application


1. The easiest way learn id of the VKontakte group is to come into group and to look at an address bar in the browser. If the link of a view, then digits after the word "club" also are that value.

2. To make the group address more beautiful or in terms of SEO optimization, her administrators often replace it with id with any name. If you need to learn this id, then you can try several ways. Enter into the group interesting you. Even if you did not join the group and information minimum is available to you, it is possible to try to guide the mouse cursor at the name of the section "Participants" or click on it, in the link of a type of [section] =people&c [group]=23238945 you will see digits at the end of the link. It will also be the group id interesting you.

3. One more option in this case is to learn id of the VKontakte group through its main picture. You right-click on the picture of group, you select:
In Mozilla Firefox: Open the image
In Google Chrome: Open the picture in a new tab
In Opera: Open the image, Properties of the image
In Internet Explorer: Properties

The new window having approximately such address will appear:

The value between two slashes (in the middle of the address) will also be required id of group, from it it is only necessary to remove the letter "g".

4. If in group available bigger amount of information, such as wall posts, list of discussions, list of audio recordings or videos, poll, mentions of community, list of photo albums of group or loaded into a document group, then you can learn id of the VKontakte group, also as well as in the first way, having taken the last digits from a web link.

5. One more option consists in receiving id of the VKontakte group of the address of messages in the section "Discussions". In this case you will need to take the digits standing at the end of the address and to remove from them the dash and all digits costing later a dash. The remained digits will also be id value of this group.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team