How to learn indexation of the website

How to learn indexation of the website

Success of advance of the website depends first of all on what position he takes in the searcher. Nobody will pass to the fiftieth or 100-th page of search results. Usually users are limited to the first ten. The more pages of your website it is indexed, that is passed by the search robot, the search engine will have more information.


1. Learn about what pages of your website are indexed, it is possible to learn on the websites of search engines.

2. How to learn indexation of the website in Yandex.1. Enter the address of the page of check ( in an address bar of the browser. In the special column on the opened page enter the Website URL which indexation you want to learn. 3. Click "Check".

3. How to learn indexation of the website in Google, Rambler1. Pass to the homepage of the search engine (, and enter the following request in the search string: site: Address of the Click "Search".

4. If the website is indexed by these search engines, then it will appear also in the others as they often use their data.

5. For check of the website it is also possible to use a huge number of services, for example,Просто enter the addresses for check into a window and click "Check indexation".

6. Try to use a special script on pages of the website. When the search robot visits your page, the script will send the message on the e-mail address. Instead of the word "Googlebot" it is possible to specify any other search robot or even to list them all. Remember that existence of this script will increase page weight that will slow down its loading.

7. Install one of programs for promotion of the websites. Having seized their opportunities, you will be able not only to check whether the website is indexed, but also to quickly add new pages to base. Remember that these applications often are malicious. Many search engines in general close access to the website if it was added for indexation by means of such tool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team