How to learn ip via Skype

How to learn ip via Skype

There are situations when at communication with the user of Skype it is necessary to learn IP of the interlocutor. This task is easily feasible. If you and your opponent are connected to the Internet directly, it is often rather simple to check the necessary connection.

It is required to you

  • - Internet service;
  • - program for collecting statistics and traffic observation;
  • - fayervoll.


1. Use Internet service. Add the reference to any Internet resource in service, receive instead of it the short link generated by service. Send the generated link to the user whose IP you want to learn. After he follows the link, you receive its IP address on the email specified by you.

2. Start the NetLimiter program reflecting statistics of Internet traffic then send to the user the file. In the main working window of the program there is a branch where all connections both entering and outgoing are displayed and also statistics on each of them, - trace the direction of traffic in this branch.

3. Enter in the command line "Start-> Run-> cmd" - netstat - a. Call or send the file to the user whose data interest you, and browse what new records appeared in the program terminal.

4. Open monitoring of connections in an antivirus of Kaspersky Internet Security and browse to what IP address the connection is addressed and where there is a person with whom you communicate.

5. Transfer to the user whose IP you need to learn, the file and observe in the fayervoll (program which controls and filters the network packages passing through it) where it went. If the file was sent directly to the user – it is possible to use the received IP address.

6. In Windows Vista transfer the file, then you come into monitoring of connections ("Control panel"-> "Administration"-> "Monitoring of performance and stability"), in monitoring there will be two IP addresses: server of Skype and IP of the opponent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team