How to learn mail of my friends

How to learn mail of my friends

At the moment in the Russian segment of the Internet the set of social networks functions. "My world" from the company uses popularity at people of different age and a social status. Thanks to well worked functionality and attractive design, it is visited every day millions of people.


1. Here it is possible to meet interesting people and to communicate the old acquaintances and relatives. Also you can add friends to mail ru if they were pleasant to you. The user can post the photos and evaluate photos of members of social network if they are available for viewing. Over time, having accumulated experience, you will become the experienced user of this social network and will be able to use all its functionality fully.

To learn mail, click on an icon @ the person necessary to you. Then in the appeared menu click on point "copy the link address the link.

2. Open a tab "mail" in which click "write the letter". Then right-click "coma" across the field and select "insert". The last part of an inscription of a view This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will also be that email of your friend which you wanted to learn. Now you will be able to communicate with the friend by means of text correspondence and to learn the latest news from his life. Using such algorithm of actions, it is possible to learn e-mail of the address of all the friends from My World network. Write or remember them, subsequently you will be able to use these addresses for personal correspondence.

3. If you still do not know how to learn the friend's e-mail, and the above way did not help you, ask for the help the acquaintance or the relative who understood this problem already earlier. Well study all opportunities and functions of social network "My World". If something does suddenly not become clear to you, friends of mail ru will surely come to the rescue of you and will explain the principle of work of any given option.

4. The variety of functionality of this social network allows to watch movies and to listen to favourite music directly in the browser, without starting the additional software. If you have a webcam, then you can communicate to anyone by means of video of a chat which is a certain analog of the Skype program, but has much the best functionality. Anyway, the level of the provided services will be pleasant to users of any age and a social status. In the plan "My world" does not concede in it to other social networks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team