How to learn number of ICQ of the person

How to learn number of ICQ of the person

ICQ is considered the most known messenger. Many users on the Internet use this program. You can learn number of ICQ of the person, using the following ways: via the main interface of the program and through an open window of dialogs with the interlocutor.


1. Download ICQ. Install it on the computer. Register. Enter the login and the password to become authorized. Wait for loading of contacts. Now it is necessary to click a mouse on a window with contacts to make it active.

2. Then find the Find/add New Contacts point. To you the search window will open. It is necessary to enter the information about the user who is necessary to you. For example, email or nickname. Information is entered in the respective fields. It is possible to look for on a surname and a name of the necessary person. Perhaps, optional data will be necessary: country, age, city, language, etc. But consider that the user can register under an alias, that is enter an assumed name. It is necessary to click "Search".

3. Find from the offered list of the required interlocutor. Also add it as a friend. You can consider a profile of any user and select the most suitable friend, and then click two times on the necessary account and send the message. If the system issued you the big list of people in the specified parameters, then use "Advanced search". Press on search with the put Only in Network check mark if interlocutors online are necessary. It is possible to use also normal search if you want big results. At the same time necessary information will appear for several seconds.

4. Specify number ICQ of the person directly in a window of dialogs. And for this purpose it is necessary to carry out the following actions. By means of a mouse guide the cursor at the image of your interlocutor and wait, the menu will not emerge yet. Then the window which will allow to pass into the account of your friend where it is possible to learn number ICQ of the user and other information on him will appear.

5. Take an interest at the person necessary to you about its number ICQ if you are with it in the friendly or friendly relations. Ask it to write your number of ICQ that it found you in network.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team