How to learn number of svy icq

How to learn number of svy icq

ICQ – the manager for message exchange and media files at distance. Convenient and fast, ICQ almost does not occupy Internet traffic that does it favorable to use on mobile phones. Always to stay in touch, tell friends number ICQ.


1. At registration in the I Seek You system you think out to yourself the login and the password. Your login and a nastoshchy name will be displayed in information on your account, will allow your friends to recognize you in the contact list. Creating the ICQ account, you get the special number of registration distinguishing you from other users.

2. Your friends and acquaintances can find your account in the ICQ system, having typed in the search box your personal data (if you filled out the corresponding graphs of the questionnaire at registration), by the login or number assigned to you at registration in a system. To facilitate it a task, in advance report number of the ICQ.

3. Number ICQ can always be learned in settings of a menezhder of the program. Open a main window of ICQ in which your contact list is highlighted. On a top panel of tools find the Menu button and click it. Before you the list of sections of this manager will open. Guide the cursor at the column "Profile", click the left mouse button. Here you can change the personal data, the photo of a profile and to make personal settings of the program. On the homepage of a profile your login, a real name and number ICQ are written. You can tell it to the friends in order that they found you in the system of virtual communication.

4. In some programs supporting ICQ, number of the ICQ can be learned for a fraction of a second, enough only guide the cursor at a program label which is on "Task bar" (most bottom line) of your computer. Of course, number will be displayed only if you were authorized in the ICQ program and at present are "Online" from the account.

5. Number ICQ is displayed also in a dialog box of some versions of ICQ and its analogs. Look at the top part of the screen of the open message or a chat. Number ICQ is glad with a name or the login; for it there can be also a certain field.

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