How to learn number WebMoney

How to learn number WebMoney

The Internet purse of WebMoney is popular means for carrying out payments on the Internet. For implementation of monetary operations you will need to learn number of your purse or to create it, having used interface functions of payment service provider.


1. Open the website WebMoney in a window of the browser and log in to your account. For this purpose click on the link "Purse" in the left top part of the page of service. On the appeared page specify your parameters for an input and the password for access to the account which was created in the course of registration. As the login you can enter your e-mail, wmid or phone which were also specified during creation of the account.

2. Click the Purses button. If at you were already created payment data, in the appeared window you will be able to browse balance and the corresponding account numbers. So, number for the ruble payment account begins with letter R. For carrying out dollar operations use a purse which identifier begins with Z.

3. If in the list you do not display any number, you will need to create currency purses. Click on the link "Create" and select type of the created account. Adopt the agreement on use of service. In the following window you receive the notification on successful creation of the new balance of payments. On the same page you will be able to see number of the account for money transfers.

4. If you want to view data of your purse in the Keeper Classic program, it is necessary to go to the corresponding tab in the interface of the program. For this purpose start the utility and enter your wmid and the used password at request. Wait for successful authentication. In a window of the program select the Purses tab to look at the payment data used in a system. In each separate line number of a purse and quantity of money which are available on balance will be specified.

5. Number of a purse Webmoney is used for replenishment of personal account in a system and when carrying out payment on the Internet. To fill up the ruble account from the terminal, you need to write the account specified in the interface of service and to enter it when performing translation. For carrying out online payments you can copy the necessary identifier from the WebMoney interface from balance, and then insert it into the necessary field on the page of online store in which you pay purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team