"How to learn on what hosting there is a website"

"How to learn on what hosting there is a website"

To learn what hosting any given webmaster uses, it is enough to use a special application of RDS Bar for modern browsers. This addition is capable to display the majority of the parameters important for SEO advance.

It is required to you

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • addition of RDS Bar


1. During creation of this application as the tested browsers Firefox and Chrome were selected. Firefox owing to the universality allows to display the bigger number of parameters, than Google Chrome therefore it is recommended to use it.

2. After loading and installation of the browser it needs to be started if you did not make it yet. In a main window of the program click the top Tools menu and select the Additions item or click the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A.

3. In the opened window the loading of the homepage of search of additions will begin. In principle, you should not wait for full load of this page since you should not use its potential. Transfer the cursor to the empty field of a search string and enter the name of addition, i.e. RDS Bar. After clicking the ENTER key before you there will be a list of applications which names are similar to the entered value.

4. Select addition and click "Install". After downloading of files there will be notification on need of restart of the browser, click the link for confirmation and wait for repeated emergence of a main window of the browser.

5. Configure addition under the needs. For this purpose press a gear image button on the main panel under an address bar of the browser. In the opened window expose ticks opposite to points which values you would like to monitor. Click "OK" to close a settings window.

6. Click with the inscription RDS and select the option "Check by the Button". Now after transition to the necessary website press the corresponding button — you receive the detailed analysis of the open page. In a bottom line of a status you will see several parameters: "Provider", IP and CMS. Click a mouse on IP and select the FlagFox item.

7. On the loaded page you will be asked to enter the code from the picture (I smoke) and to click "Send". Before you there will be information on a hosting which services the tested website uses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team