"How to learn on whom the account is registered"

"How to learn on whom the account is registered"

Often letters from unknown senders with the hidden address come to e-mail. Before opening the similar letter, it is necessary to learn who is the owner of this mailbox.


1. Learn on whom the account, by means of search engines is registered. Enter such request in the search string: "Mail yashchik@domen". If the address specified by you at least once "was lit" on the Internet – the system will show you information who is the owner of an e-mail, identical to your request.

2. If you after all opened the letter from the unknown sender, write on it and ask to answer. After to you the answer comes, you will be able to learn the IP address of the computer from which sending the letter was carried out and what city possesses this IP address. The list of owners of this e-mail will considerably be reduced.

3. Come on a forum and create a subject with a question of similar letters. Perhaps, someone already faced such mailings and knows on whom the account of a mail system is registered.

4. Visit different social networks on which it is possible to find the necessary information on the owner of a certain e-mail address. If the letter came from mail.ru service, try search of the owner of a mailbox on social network "My World". For this purpose just enter the necessary address in the search string and click on "Find". If e-mail reliable, and its owner is registered in My World, you obtain information on the owner of the address. Still you can find the owner of mail in social network Ya.ru if the letter came Yandex.ru. service same a way look for the owner of the account in VKontakte, "Schoolmates", etc.

5. Visit the website www.nigma.ru. Look for the address interesting you in this system. It finds information in several searchers at once, then gives it one general list.

6. Use special services which provide information on owners of e-mails on your request in network. Enter the corresponding request in the searcher.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team