How to learn settings of network

How to learn settings of network

The wireless network of WI-FI is configured individually under the operating system and Internet service provider. The operator servicing you provides after signing of the contract the form of setup of network where the IP addresses and servers for receiving and sending e-mail are specified.

It is required to you

  • The instruction to the router or its serial number, the computer connected to network.


1. The Wi-fi network is adjusted after installation of the router, it is desirable that vendor who is recommended by the Internet service provider servicing you. Find its serial number and a key in the operating instruction to the router. Save these data as sometimes there is a failure and the router can nullify setup.

2. Click "Start-up". Proceed in "Settings", further in "Control panel". The main menu will open. Come into "Network and the Internet". Before you a Network and Sharing Center.

3. Select "Viewing network condition and tasks" and you pass into "Home networks". Here you can specify key parameters: what computers are connected now, loading of network, its speed and return, SSID, time of connection and signal quality. Properties of its safety, type of encryption and password. Conditions of connection to this network. An opportunity to change some parameters of a home network is provided in this section. For example, to block data transmission.

4. Open the Management of Wireless Networks window if you need to receive full data. Further select the Internet protocol of TCP/IP. This standard protocol of wide area networks provides communication between available networks. Also pass into the section of its properties. Here you will see the IP-the address, a subnet mask and the main gateway. This information is issued to you after signing of the contract and connection by Internet service provider.

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