How to learn the account rest on the Internet

How to learn the account rest on the Internet

The Internet for many people became today the same subject of vital need as phone, the newspaper or the TV. Therefore it is especially unpleasant when suddenly, in the most right time, the network suddenly becomes unavailable. It happens for various reasons, but most often because of a non-payment or the shortage of money on the front intrenet-account. How in such and in similar it cases to learn balance on the account?

It is required to you

  • Elementary skills of work on the Internet


1. The fastest and easy way learn a status of the front Internet account is to enter a personal account or the section "Statistics Server". These sections or Internet pages are on the websites of the companies providers, i.e. suppliers of Internet services with which you signed the contract.

2. Other way to learn the rest on personal account (if the Internet for failure to pay is disconnected) is to call technical support service. Phones of this service should be written on one of pages of the contract (or on the application attached to it) which you signed with Internet service provider, or on the website of Internet service provider.

3. If the contract or the annex to it is lost, then in the near future it will be better to restore these documents. In the absence of the specified documents, it is necessary to refer either to the phonebook, or to services of a city or regional help system where there is a high probability to learn number of your Internet service provider necessary to you.

4. The most labor-consuming way which it is possible and sometimes and should be used if two first cannot be implemented, is to reach office of the company provider and there to find all account info. And if to be necessary, then to fill up it. However, because problems with shutdown arise not only because of failure to pay, they at office of provider can also be found out and eliminated.

5. If all ways recommended in the previous four steps are unavailable (especially it often happens day at night) that there is only one. Since most often the Internet is disconnected for the lack of means on your personal account, it is possible to go and put so much money how many it is required on the rate connected at you into the account (do not forget to take the contract with an account number) in the next terminal (the most high-speed and, at the same time, QIWI-TERMINALS are free). When the Internet becomes available, try a way from step No. 1.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team