How to learn the activation code

How to learn the activation code

A large number of users faces virus banners which block in the various ways access to the operating system or its separate elements. For their fast removal it is required to enter the necessary code.

It is required to you

  • Disk Windows 7, mobile phone.


1. There are several options of selection of the required codes. Anyway you will need the additional computer or the mobile phone with Internet access. Follow the link Before you the page of the website of vendors of the antivirus software will open. Find in the text of a banner an account number or the phone number to which it is required to send the sms or money. Enter these data in the special field on the website and click "Receive the Code of an Unblocking".

2. Try to repeat this operation on the page of an antivirus Dr. Web On this resource it is possible to receive the code in two ways: enter the phone number in the special field or select the banner which is displayed at you on the screen from ready examples.

3. Considering the fact that new banners appear rather often, this method works not always. Therefore we will review examples of removal of a virus banner in other ways.

4. If you use the Windows Seven operating system, then there is a method of disposal of a banner start recovery tools. Insert a disk with OS into the disk drive. Start setup of the operating system. Naturally, you will not reinstall completely Windows.

5. Wait for emergence of the window containing the Additional Parameters of Recovery menu and open it. From the offered options of further work of the program select the Start Recovery item.

6. In this case the system will automatically correct all files which are required for loading of OS, thereby having prevented emergence of a banner. If you created recovery point objectives earlier, then can use the System recovery point. It will allow not only to delete a banner, but also to return a system to that status when it did not appear yet.

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