How to learn the index of quoting

How to learn the index of quoting

The index of citing is one of metrics of the website of the search engine of the Yandex company. Earlier it was used in a formula of ranging and influenced the provision of a resource in search delivery. Today by the index of citing it is possible to judge quantity of the external entering references to the website indirectly. Therefore the analysis of any resource, as a rule, does not manage without learning the index of quoting.

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - connection to the Internet.


1. Learn the index of citing by means of service. Open in the view URL browser:<ваш_сайт>/, having entered instead of <vash_sayt> a name of the domain of the website. On the loaded page the index of citing a resource will be displayed.

2. Learn tITs by means of "money" of Yandex. Open the address in the browser. In the lower part of the page click the link with the text "Receive a money". Enter a resource domain name in the Website http:// Address text box. Click "Receive the Code". On the same page the image with tITs value will appear.

3. Define the index of citing the website by its adding in the panel of the web master of Yandex. Open the address in the browser. Register in this service. Add the website to Yandex panel. Webmaster. Confirm the rights for management of a resource by means of one of the ways offered by a system. Wait for update of information in the panel. Browse tITs value.

4. Receive value of the index of citing, using the module of addition of Yandex. Bar to the browser. Open the page. Further automatic redirection on the page of the version of a plug-in will be made for the used browser. If the version of the browser is defined incorrectly, click the link indicating the correct version.

Press the button "Install Yandex. Bar". Make the actions for installation of the module of addition offered by the browser. Restart the browser. After that Yandex panel will be displayed. Bar. Click it with the right mouse button and select the Setup item in a context menu. Pass into the section "Index of Citing". Include the option "Show the Index of Citing". Click OK.

Load any page of any website into the browser. In Yandex panel. Bar the tITs value will be displayed.

5. Define tITs by the Site-Auditor program. Load this application from the page. Start it. Go to the Express analysis tab. Enter a name of the domain of the website into the text box located above. Click the Check button. Wait for the termination of data loading. The tITs value will be displayed in the section "Ranging".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team