How to learn the internal IP

How to learn the internal IP

For identification of the computer in network the special code - the IP address is used. It consists of four three-digit numbers, each of which cannot be less than zero and more than 255. Numbers of the IP address are separated among themselves by points. A part of ranges of these addresses is selected for internal local area networks, the others are intended for a wide area network - the Internet. If there is a need to learn the internal IP address of the computer (that is the IP address for a local area network), then it is possible to make it by means of conventional components of the operating system.


1. Find in task bar notification area (in "tray") the icon designating network connection - it appears there when your computer is connected to any local or wide area network. In the context menu opened by right click on this icon there is a Status point - select it. In the opened window with information on this network connection go to the Support tab and in the section "Connection Status" you will see the line "IP address" in which it is placed necessary to you internal the IP computer.

2. Other way of start of a window of a status of connection assumes use of "Control panel" - the link to it is placed in the main menu on the Start-up button. Having opened the panel, select the section "Network and Connection to the Internet", and then click the link "Network Connections". So you will get to a window of the Conductor in which right panel all connections created in your system will be listed - select necessary and click its right mouse button to see the same context menu which is described in the previous step. Next everything should be done the same as it is described above.

3. When using Windows 7 OS it is possible to start ""Conductor"" clicking of the keyboard shortcut Win + E and on a tab "Network" to select in the menu the section "Properties", and in it the Change of Parameters of the Adapter point. As a result the list of network connections where you should click the necessary connection, and in the opened window of its properties to click "Data" will open. You will find internal IP in the line "Address IPv4".

4. Use the ipconfig utility as an alternative way of obtaining information on the internal IP address. For this purpose it is necessary to open the terminal of the command line - make it, having clicked the keyboard shortcut win + r, having entered the cmd command and having clicked the OK button. In the opened window of the terminal gather ipconfig/all, click Enter and wait until the utility collects information and will bring her in a terminal window the long list. Closer to its beginning the line "IP address" with the indication of internal IP of your computer will be placed.

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