How to learn the IP address

How to learn the IP address

Quickly to learn the IP address, there are several widespread ways. All of them differ in practicality and simplicity therefore do not require special efforts.

The first way is in coming on a forum or the website which properties allow to define the address of all visitors (including, certainly, and your computer). Such resources are, for example, the website or the special page of Yandex. However, such websites there is great variety, and you can use that which will seem to you more convenient.


If you do not know any such website, and it is necessary to define the address as soon as possible — just hammer into a search string of Google or Yandex request "the address of the website of the defining IP" or something like that. Be sure, you will find at least several such websites for read seconds. It is also possible to learn the ip, having analyzed properties of connection to the Internet. For this purpose it is necessary to come into the Start menu and to select there "Control panel", and then — "Network connections". We double-click on a label of connection to the Internet, and in the window which opened here we watch the Data bookmark. The most bottom line in this bookmark will also be the IP address of your computer.

Conveniently it is also just possible to learn the IP address as well through special service ipconfig which is as a part of the Windows operating system. Remember that the IP address of the computer can be both dynamic, and static — depending on that what services of provider you use. The static (constant) address always remains invariable, and dynamic every time when you are connected to network can change. Define an address type (static or dynamic) it is possible to define as by practical consideration (several times in a row to be connected to the Internet), and having just called technical support of the company rendering you services in providing connection to the Internet. If desired practically for a certain payment it is possible to get the static IP address from any provider.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team