How to learn the ip type

How to learn the ip type

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The IP address is assigned to each computer working in network. It is a unique network identifier, at the same time in network there cannot be two computers with identical the address. And the addresses can be static and dynamic. Sometimes the user has a need to learn type of the IP address used by it.


1. What does the static IP address differ from dynamic in? The fact that the first never changes whereas the second changes at each new connection. The IP addresses type is defined by provider and in many respects depends on the method of connection used by you. The wire Internet has it most often (but not always) static – that is is assigned once and does not change even if you switch off the computer.

2. If you use the USB modem, the IP address is dynamic. At connection to you the free address from the range belonging to provider, at the same time in logs of the server via which connection is carried out is selected, information on the one to whom and in what time this IP address was assigned registers. When using the USB modem there is an opportunity, at additional expense, to receive the permanent address.

3. For definition of the IP addresses type come on one of the services providing similar services, for example, on the website B of the top part of the page you will see your current network address. Write it, then be disconnected from the Internet and wait several minutes. Then be again connected to the Internet, visit the service stated above and check the same record. If it same, so your IP address static. If record changed, - that dynamic.

4. Whether the static or dynamic addresses have advantages? The static address is necessary to the one who has on the computer open resources – for example, installed the ftp-server. If you the site administrator, then the static address allows to configure an input on a resource on a binding to the IP address that significantly increases safety.

5. The lack of the static address is that the malefactor, having recognized him, can methodically select "master keys" to your computer. As the IP address does not change, it has almost unlimited time for cracking. In this plan the dynamic address changing at each new connection appears much safer.

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