How to learn the password

How to learn the password

The experienced users of the Internet who are often registered on different social networks on blogs, in mail domains, messengers and so on, know that well picked up password allows to get rid of many troubles in the future. Really safe password should contain letters of the upper and lower case, digits, and it is desirable also punctuation signs, and besides, not to contain information which can be available to strangers. However easily and to lose such password.


1. Recover passwords to messengers, whether it be ICQ, Skype and so on, rather easily. In a boot window of any messenger or on its official site there is always a link "Forgot the Password?" (also it can be written as "Remember the password", "Recover the password" and so on). Having followed this link, you will get on the page of input of the e-mail address which was specified by you at registration. Also on this page, as a rule, it is required to enter words or digits from the picture is a protection against network "robots". After that press Next - practically at once the letter with reference to the page of password recovery will come to your e-mail address.

2. Password recovery and on blogosayta happens in social networks approximately according to the same scheme: you visit at the link "Forgot the Password?", enter your e-mail address and/or (it is most often relevant for blogosayt) the login, target figures and receive the letter on an email. On the website you in the same way can restore the login. Social networks, in particular, of Одноклассники.ру, often ask to confirm registration with mobile phone number. If you make it, you will be able to recover the lost password by means of the mobile phone subsequently.

3. It is more difficult to recover the password from e-mail. If at registration you specified any other e-mail address in the mail domain and (it is required, for example, by Yandex) confirmed it, you will be able to recover the password by means of this address. But most often, being registered in the mail domain, you select or specify a control question (for example, "A maiden name of mother") and the answer to it. Of course, it is desirable to select or specify at the same time such control question, the answer to which will not be known to the third parties. Besides, many mail domains (in particular, Yandex) suggest to specify mobile phone number by means of which you will also be able to recover the password subsequently in your settings.

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