How to learn the password to e-mail

How to learn the password to e-mail

If you want to play a trick well on the close friend with excellent sense of humour, then, perhaps, the most interesting joke which is not requiring special tension will be to change the password at its electronic mails. For this purpose not enough time will be required, but the event is your friend will remember very for a long time. For this purpose it is necessary to know its e-mail and if you know it, then half-affairs it is already made.


1. To come on e-mail box, it is necessary to know the answer to a control question. Moreover, the control question allows to change the old password to new. Learn what control question costs by mail at your friend.

2. Register on social network on which your friend, under other account is registered. On social network it is much simpler to give itself for other person and to gain the confidence – to these you and you will use. It is the best of all to be registered under the guise of the girl – in this case you will cause least of all suspicions.

3. Within several weeks communicate under the new profile, add friends, load a photo, video, update the statuses, join the groups – a word, behave actively. It is necessary in order that your friend if he is an advanced user of social network, suspected nothing.

4. Add your friend as a friend, having motivated it with the fact that it is boring for you. Communicate with him during any time for the different subjects which are generally concerning it and you. Communication in a half-joking manner is preferable – thus you most likely will cause sympathy. You hold a distance, gradually triggering its curiosity.

5. In one of conversations start talking about a subject which concerns his control question on e-mail. Ask it the same question, but in other words. As soon as you receive the answer, use a control question to change the password by its mail, and after that delete the profile.

6. After you carry out this plan, write to it from the account and tell how all of you made then return it back access to its mail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team