"How to learn the password to ""Schoolmates"""

"How to learn the password to ""Schoolmates"""

It is possible to learn the password to "Schoolmates" by means of obtaining the test code on phone specified in a user profile. If phone at registration or after it is not specified, then the only way is contacting support desk.

Any user of this social network who for any reasons lost or forgot the relevant data can learn the password to "Schoolmates". The simplest restoring access requires existence of previously specified own phone number in a profile. At registration the administration of this website recommends to all participants to specify the most detailed information, including a contact information that significantly simplifies the procedure of obtaining the new password. If the phone number was not specified, then the possibility of password recovery is not lost, however the procedure can significantly be extended.

The standard procedure of password recovery in "Schoolmates"


The normal procedure of password recovery for an input on the personal page on social network "Odnoklassniki" consists in obtaining the special code on the phone number specified in a profile. For this purpose it is necessary to click the special link "Forgot the Login or the Password" which is located on the homepage of Odnoklassniki. After that the user receives a special form into which it is necessary to enter mobile phone number. On this number the user will receive the special code which will need to be entered in the certain field. After this participant of social network direct to the page where it is possible to enter the new password for access to the personal page. Having set the new password, it is necessary to record it and to use further for an input on the website.


The special procedure of password recovery in "Schoolmates"

Some users do not specify in profile number of own cell phone. Sometimes for any reasons there is no access to the phone number specified at registration. In similar situations the only output is contacting support desk of social network as different ways of password recovery do not exist. It is possible to fill a special form in the section "Help" of the official site where the reference "Contact Support" is had. Without authorization on social network it is possible to send requests only concerning an input to the website or registration. It will be offered to user to specify information from its profile for its identification, however this way of password recovery differs in complexity and duration. For this reason it is recommended in the presence of an opportunity to use the standard procedure of obtaining the necessary data.

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