How to learn the rating on AliExpress

How to learn the rating on AliExpress

Whether you knew that the score is assigned to each buyer for AliExpress? The higher at you rating, the more privileges to you it is available. As to learn what interesting ""buns"" you can expect?


1. Log in the account on AliExpress in the way, usual for you. The most reliable - registration through mail.

2. After authorization guide the cursor at the same field and in a drop-down menu select ""my AliExpress"

3. In the left corner one more menu will appear. Select in it ""The center of privileges"

4. In this window your rating and the number of points is shown. Old inhabitants AliExpress know that the old system of points was a little other: A1, A2, A3, A4 levels.
Today on AliExpress there are also 4 levels:
1. Silver - from 0 to 100 points
2. Gold - from 101 to 500 points
3. Platinum - from 501 to 1500 points

4. Diamond - from 1500 points and above

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team