How to learn the server address

How to learn the server address

The IP address acts as network coordinates of any node on the Internet. It is possible to find this information in settings of network connection. If you want to define the address of the server of any resource, then in the beginning it is required to learn its domain name.


1. Click the computer icon located in the right part of a task bar in the field of a tray. Start "Network and Sharing Center". Pass into the section "Changes of Parameters of Adapters". If your computer is the server, then in the opened window there have to be not less than two network connections. One of them is responsible for Internet access, and the others for its distribution on a local area network.

2. Select connection to the Internet and click on it the right mouse button. Open the Status point and press the Data button in the opened window. The global IP address, i.e. by what you are determined on the Internet will be specified near the line "Address IPv4". The local IP address, i.e. under what the computer acts as the server is specified in the line "IPv4 DNS servers".

3. Learn a domain name of the server which network address you want to define. For example, if you are interested in information on the server of Yandex, then the domain name will be or

4. Pass "Start-up" into the main menu, having keyed with the image of the Windows window or the button on a task bar. Choose the Execute command or open its combination key stroke win+r and enter into it the text of cmd to open the console of the command line. Click input.

5. Enter the name of the utility which you want to use for definition of the IP address of the server in the command line. For example, it is possible to use a route trace command to the necessary server – tracert, or a command of assessment of speed of passing of packages between the server and your computer – ping.

6. Enter the chosen command and through a space specify the name of a domain name of the server. Click Enter. It should be noted that in the command line it is impossible to do corrections, therefore if you incorrectly entered the text, then just click Enter and repeat attempt. Wait for command execution and analyze the received result. Among data retrieveds in square brackets the necessary IP address of the server will be specified.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team