How to learn the speed of connection

How to learn the speed of connection

If the speed of your Internet begins to irritate you from time to time and to cause complaints if the movie which you watch on the favourite website hangs up at the most inappropriate moment and it is necessary to wait to continue viewing – check the speed of your connection. Unfortunately, not always actual speed corresponds to speed the specified provider and also there is some other the reasons which can influence it. Therefore check of speed of connection can help you both understand the real situation and correct possible problems of the PC.

It is required to you

  • You will need to use special service. Similar service provides a large number of the websites now. However for the first access let's use service "I on the Internet!" which is developed by the Yandex company.


1. In the beginning check the computer for presence of viruses and other malicious applications. This indispensable condition. Include the antivirus, let it will check your PC. If during check viruses, trojans and other "evil spirits" are found, delete them. Then it is desirable to start an antivirus once again (it can already be the express scanning mode) precisely to make sure of absence of wreckers.

2. Only after virus checking disconnect all antiviruses, antispywares, firewalls, torrents and also all network programs working on your PC.

3. Click with the right mouse button network connection "Status" - you need to check network activity of your computer. Evaluate the number of the accepted and sent packages. If their quantity is stable – everything is all right. And here if their number increases all the time – means, or in your PC there was a virus or remained included some network program. In that case once again use an antivirus and disconnect all network programs.

4. Visit the website of Yandex and pass to the page of service "I on the Internet!". Click on the range "Measure Speed". Wait one minute. Service will show you your entering and outgoing speed at the moment of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team