"How to learn whether banned your website"

"How to learn whether banned your website"

Today search engines can inflict certain sanctions on the websites of users. These sanctions can be caused by the different reasons. In this regard for many owners of the websites there was relevant a question how to learn whether their resource is banned.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. For a start it would be desirable to mention the reasons of the ban of the websites in search engines. As well as in life, on the Internet there are unwritten laws which each owner of the websites should observe. So, the ban of a certain resource the search engine can be caused by the following factors: black methods of advance of the website, active trade in links and participation of the website in the reference exchanges, presence of viruses on pages of a resource, poor quality of the published content (sinonimayz, kopipast, etc.), glut of pages of the website search queries. These and many other factors can put a bold cross on resource life, having driven it under AGS (filter of Yandex), or into the eternal ban of searchers. To check whether there is your website in the list of the resources banned by search services, you need to perform the following operations.

2. Check of the ban of the website in Yandex. Open the homepage of the searcher. Enter the following in a search term box: ""url: address of the homepage of your website"". Click "Search". If pages of your resource are not found in delivery, it means it is banned. If pages are ranged, means with the website everything is all right.

3. Check of the ban in Google. Google rather patient searcher. To achieve the ban in this service, it is necessary to make real "feat" to deserve similar sanctions. Learn about whether your website in Google is banned, you can as follows. Open the homepage of a search service and enter in a query field: site: address of the homepage of your website. Signs of the ban will be identical that which is described in the previous step.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team