"How to learn who possesses the domain"

"How to learn who possesses the domain"

Information on the one who possesses any given domain is relevant, as a rule, for those people or the organizations which want to acquire already occupied domain for business or for personal use.

It is required to you

  • Internet access.


1. For clarification of the one who owns any given domain it is possible to use the special websites. Generally it is the centers of registration of the domain names or the companies providing a hosting. On these websites there is a database of domain names with an opportunity to determine by request - the domain is free or occupied. If the domain is free, it can be got and if it is busy - it is possible to learn who the owner. Let's consider one of ways on the example of the website of the RuCenter company (www.nic.ru).

2. In the center of the homepage there is a window for input of a domain name on a rectangular orange background with the inscription "Domain". It is necessary to enter a name of the domain which owner it is necessary to install into this window. After the name is entered, it is necessary to click "Enter" on the keyboard or to click by the Check button which is near a window into which the required domain name is entered.

3. The new page under the name "Search result" will be loaded. High on the list the domain interesting you will be highlighted in bold type.
Click on the status of the domain (a word "is engaged" in the same line). The new window of the browser in which the owner in the line ""org"" will be specified will open (the individual entrepreneur, limited liability company or other). Also its contact information in the corresponding lines will be displayed (""phone"" - phone, ""e-mail"" - the e-mail address, ""created"" - date of creation and ""paid-till"" - date to which this domain is paid.

4. If the domain belongs to the individual, in the table it will be specified in the line ""person"" (owner) - Pivate Person (individual). The name in this case will not manage to be learned at once, but the e-mail address will be all the same specified. Contact this e-mail address and you learn who possesses the domain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team