"How to learn who watched your page"

"How to learn who watched your page"

The social network "VKontakte" for a big share of users is not only the place for correspondence with friends and exchange of a photo and audio, but also the website where it is possible to strike up new acquaintances. Therefore the audience, being "searching", often is interested who is on their page, views photos and reads personal information.


1. Updates happen in social network "VKontakte" quite often, but as the website is based on anonymity, it is necessary to be disappointed – such services as "guests of the page" the social network never provided and, most likely, will not provide.

2. There are applications written on API, such as "Pathfinder" and "Guests of the page". Having installed one from such applications to itself on the page and having come into it, for you a unique link which you can put in the status will be generated or add to the microblog. The person who followed this link kind of "gets on a rod" - the application saves his or her number ID and reports to you about the new visitor of your page. It was necessary only to entice this guest on click-through.

3. There is a wish to save you from illegal actions of the hackers stealing passwords from accounts of VKontakte and getting access to voices, electronic money and correspondence of users. On the Internet, programs which promise to show guests of the page extend so-called free (and sometimes and paid). Actually, all these programs represent the Trojan worms and spyware subjecting computers, especially on Windows, to viruses and the hacker attacks.
Often it leads to loss of the account of VKontakte or formatting of the hard drive and loss of all information which is stored on the computer. Therefore never use such doubtful "programs" from unknown developers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team