"How to learn why Skype does not work"

"How to learn why Skype does not work"

Skype became one of the most popular programs for text, voice and video conference between computers and mobile phones. Not always updates of this program lead to improvement of its work, and users should look for a way to restore operability of Skype.

Skype is not connected to the Internet

Check whether you have an Internet connection – try to open a window of any browser or to come on the e-mail server.

Sometimes Skype is blocked by a firewall or the antivirus software. In settings of a firewall add Skype to the list of the allowed programs. Disconnect an antivirus and try to start Skype once again. If did not help, reboot – this simplest procedure solves a problem in most cases.

Skype is not started

If after start of the program you see just blue field, click the right mouse button on the Skype icon in a tray and select "Output". Key Win, in the section "Find" note the Files and Folders point. Enter shared.hml into the search string and specify a drive on which Skype is installed in the list (by default it is disk C). In the Additional Parameters list select checkboxes the points "Search in System Folders", "Search in the Hidden Files and Folders", "Search of Attachments". Delete the found file (at next run it will be generated automatically) and again start Skype.

Try other way if previous did not help. Close Skype in a tray and come into its system folder, usually it is C:\Program Files\Skype и откройте папку Phone. Click with the right button the icon of Skype and choose the Create a Label command.

Right-click on a new icon Skype on the Desktop and note the Properties point. In the Label tab in the line "Working Folder" add to the address C:\Program Files\Phone\Skype.exe through a space of command/legacylogin and click "Apply". Delete an old label and start Skype through new.

The Skype program is closely connected with the Internet Explorer application. Even if you set other browser by default, work of IE directly influences Skype. If all described ways did not help, reset the IE settings to set by default. For this purpose in the menu "Service" choose the Properties command, select In the addition tab and click "Reset".

If problems with Skype appeared after the IE update, roll away the browser to the old version. Click "Start-up", enter into a search string "Programs and components" and follow the link "Viewing the Installed Updates" in the left part of a window. In the section "Removal of Updates" open the MS Windows list, right-click on the Internet Explorer point and select "Delete". Reboot.

At last, the new version of Skype with the problems which are not fixed so far can become the reason of problems. Delete Skype completely from the computer by means of the Installation and Removal of Programs component in the Control panel. Then open a window of start of programs the Win+R keys, enter the regedit command and in the editor of the register delete all files of Skype. For this purpose click Ctrl+F, enter skype and click "Find further". After detection and removal of record click F3 for search continuation.

After removal of all Skype elements from the register find and download older checked version of this program. After its installation open the Tools menu, click "Settings" and "In addition". In the section "Advanced settings" click "Automatic update" and click "Switch Off Automatic Update".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team