How to leave anonymous opinion

How to leave anonymous opinion

Communication on the Internet has practically no borders. It is possible to find discussion of any interesting question. Sometimes users want to express personal opinion, but anonymously. And it is quite feasible.

It is required to you

  • E-mail.


1. If you want to express the opinion on any question anonymously, for a start make sure that at a subject the commenting is included. Usually visitors can leave the opinion below directly under a subject. There can be a special field for writing of the comment. The option when to you at first suggest to log in under the login and the password is possible.

2. On some websites it is authorized to leave comments without registration. On such resources you need to fill several fields before you pass to expression of the opinion. Normally it the Name fields, E-mai. You can enter any name or a nickname if you want to remain an anonymous author.

3. Most often it is required to enter any e-mail in the field of mail and it is not important at all, there is it or not. Think up the name of a mailbox and specify any domain known to you. However in certain cases nevertheless it is required to specify the operating e-mail to activate the message. For these purposes it is possible to use one of services of mail without registration, for example, of Pass to the website in a new window and enter any word or a set of digits as a mailbox name. You will get to the e-mail at once. On the website when leaving the comment will be to specify enough entered word and the domain You receive the letter of activation on this box and will be able easily to undergo testing, without giving the real mail.

4. If you want to leave anonymous opinion at a forum where for a long time you communicate, try to register once again. For this purpose leave the profile and close the website, delete cookie. Whenever possible replace the IP address, open other browser. Register under a new nickname and leave the opinion. Users will not guess who you are.

5. If you have a constant IP address, and you are afraid that you can be found to it, use the proxy server for run on the website and commenting. For this purpose visit the proxy website, for example, of Ñ Enter the address of the website to which you want to come anonymously and click the ENTER key. Your IP address will be hidden from administration of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team