How to leave clan in world of tanks

How to leave clan in world of tanks

In the known game World of Tanks the clans are an integral part. They participate in different campaigns on the Global map, collect commands for Ladder, conduct battles. If the community manages to cause a stir especially, promotional tanks which are convenient for management go into its disposal and can inspire fear in the opponent.

Thanks to clan the player can gain good income. At construction of buildings in Ukreprayona it is simple to earn 100,000 credits more. If to gather a team and it is good to configure its work, it is simple to pump over several fighting vehicles of 6-8 levels.

Pluses for those who consist in clans

If the player consists in well pumped over clan leaving in a top its importance in the opinion of others increases and the fighter often is proud of this circumstance. Therefore new communities are formed constantly. But not all expects popularity and success. The reasons of it can be different – for example, the overestimated requirements, inept management, there are a lot of inadequate players whose behavior frightens off recruits.

How to leave clan in World of Tanks

Desire to leave clan can appear for various reasons. For example, the player is not capable to keep up with the imposed game pace, to fulfill certain obligations.

The procedure of leaving clan does not take a lot of time. Developers provided such function, but after a while slightly complicated it that when choosing clan for themselves tankmen were more circumspectly. To leave, operations are required to be performed in such order:

  • Become authorized on the website under the login and the password.
  • After an input on the website click a nickname. If in a profile there is no button designated "Clans" it is necessary to open a tab with communities. There it will be possible to find the link.
  • When the menu is deployed, the player will see the button with the inscription "Leave Clan". It should be clicked then the exit procedure will be initiated.

When the player left clan, for day for it an opportunity to create new communities or to enter others is closed. It is so made specially that did not become a habit to jump to and fro. If the fighter from community is expelled by the commander, for it the possibility of submission of requests for the subsequent two days will be closed.

What happens to the player after an output from clan

With participation in community World of Tanks from each player the maximum return is required. Clans quickly collapse if the commander has no due authority, and players cannot act together. At such behavior it is not possible to show full-fledged resistance to opponents.

It is necessary the players who left clan first hardly. They are not taken seriously, all other players put themselves above those who have no clan tag near a nickname. It is worth looking for other suitable clan, having posted the questionnaire in the section with the name Military registration and enlistment office. It should be added that there is also some number of players who do not enter commands according to personal reasons. But only those who mastered fight in line-up of the team of tankmen will be able to achieve in the game world of tanks good results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team