How to leave the account of the mail

How to leave the account of the mail

Mail from the Google search engine is the most convenient and clear. But how to make an output from the Gmail mail how to disconnect a possibility of a receipt of letters on the mobile device, not always clearly.

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  • Gmail mail


1. The mail differs in nothing and does not concede to other mail services, but its advantage is an availability of mail from any device which can enter into the Internet. Using this mail service, you will be able to forget what is synchronization.
In addition to all this mail has the best spam check, allowing to sort a set of letters, to import and mark letters, can send correspondence and other existing letters in a box. The obvious advantage is that the Gmail mail protects the protocol and warns about access to your mail through other IP address. It is remarkable still the fact that you can not refuse other mail services to which you already got used. There is an opportunity to make setup of reception and sending mail from mail of Google and to receive all letters in one mailbox. And, of course, it is necessary to mention the simple and pleasant interface which even the child will be able to understand.

When you finished work with mail to which, perhaps, other users have an access and, for example, in an Internet cafe or in library, it is necessary to close not easy pages of the browser, namely to leave the account. Therefore it is important, having finished work in public places, not to forget to click the Output tab.

2. Output on the computer. To leave mail, it is enough to click the photo of a profile or to click on the e-mail address which is in the upper right corner. Click ""Leave"".

Output from the Gmail mobile application. As for an output from mail by means of the computer, everything is quite simple and clear, but the majority has a question how to leave mobile application. During creation of the account on the device the input on mail is carried out automatically. But if you do not want to use more mail and wish to leave it, then it will be insufficiently simple to leave, it is necessary to delete the application, only after full removal of mail you will be able to leave the application completely.

3. But often also other situation meets - users want to use the account, but do not want to receive mail on the device. In this case it is necessary to use the following action: Settings - Registration to write, select the account and delete.

4. There are also more difficult methods, but, having used them, there can be problems with the device. If your mobile device has root-access and there is an opportunity to delete all maintained bases, then after removal from the Gmail mail there will be no left no trace any more.

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