How to leave the black list

How to leave the black list

On many social networks there is an opportunity to blacklist undesirable contacts. This function is actively used, and not only for protection against spammers, but also concerning too persuasive people, not persons interested to follow the rules of communication. But sometimes it happens that someone in the black list is entered by mistake.


1. Independently it is impossible to leave the black list of other user. If such opportunity existed, then the idea of black lists would be senseless. It can be done only in one case: if you know the login and the password from the account of the person who entered you in the black list. In this case you have an opportunity to come under its account and to delete themselves from the list of the blocked users. But  in terms of ethics it not the best solution,  besides, the problem will not be solved. As soon as the person notices that you are unlocked, he, most likely, again "will ban" you.

2. Sometimes, that people are included in the black list accidentally or due to a misunderstanding. Perhaps, in a conversation there was a misunderstanding. If malefactors hacked your account and sent from it spam, then it could cause blocking too though you here and at anything. If there is an opportunity, try to meet the person personally, to explain him a situation. Call – too good option. As a last resort, you can even write the message on other social network or send an e-mail. It is the most probable that after that you will leave the black list.

3. Black lists are not only at Internet services, but also at much more serious structures: at banks. If you have bad credit history, you could appear in the list of unwanted clients and if it occurred, it will be very difficult to you to obtain the credit. To restore the reputation, repay all available debts. It concerns not only credit payments, but also belongs and for payment utilities.

4. Maybe so that you are sure that you have no debts, but the bank all the same does not wish to deal with you. Then contact bureau of credit histories and ask to issue an extract. There is anything, sometimes the person loses the passport, and then finds out what on his name was to take several credits. Maybe so that some data in credit history are wrong. You will be able to check a situation, only if find out all its details.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team