How to limit a ping

How to limit a ping

On any given server, to be exact, from value of a ping depends on the player's ping what will be game process: whether there will be hangups, logs, other failures, or a game will "fly" that is called. And than the ping of the player is higher, that the risk of emergence of some unpleasant phenomena is more. In order to avoid any noises limit a ping on the server.


1. For an example the well-known game Counter Strike will be considered. At first open a directory with the game server, then pass into the cstrike/cfg folder. By means of the simplest Notepad text editor open the file under the name mani_server.cfg to limit a ping. Find mani_high_ping_kick value in this file and put after it an edinichka to include restriction of a ping, or zero to disconnect it.

2. Further restriction function tuning is performed. Register for this purpose in mani_high_ping_kick_limit line the maximum value of a ping for players on this server. The recommended value – from 200 to 300. More you should not put.

3. For installation of the maximum number of checks of a delay at any given player before throws out him from the server, use the line kick_samples_required. Check with frequency of 1 times in 1.5 seconds is executed.

4. To record contents of the message which will be seen by the player kiknuty from the server for a ping use the line mani_high_ping_kick_message. After this line enter the text, do not forget it to quote. Having made all necessary changes in settings, restart the server – changes will become effective.

5. To set restrictions for a ping, it is possible to use a plug-in which is called Better-Hpk. State in the amxx.cfg file to hpk_ping_max then enter the maximum value of a ping of the player. It is possible to install separately the maximum value of a ping during the night period. It becomes by means of the hpk_ping_max_night command.

6. Install respectively when night time begins and comes to an end, by means of the hpk_night_start_hour and hpk_night_end_hour commands. To install an interval between execution of checks, use the line hpk_ping_time.

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