How to limit speed in the local area network

How to limit speed in the local area network

By means of the Internet it is possible to obtain the necessary information, to download files. Speed of downloading can be different. It depends on services of providers. Sometimes for work on the Internet just it is required to limit speed in the local area network. For this purpose also special programs were developed.

It is required to you

  • Personal computer, NetLimiter program


1. For example, for speed limit of traffic it is possible to use NetLimiter. Load it to yourself on the computer. Start, and before you the program window will open. You will see the list of those applications which are connected to network at the moment. In columns data on traffic speed diversely are located. Come into the section "firewal". With its help eliminate those connections which are simply not necessary to you. Come into the Grants tab. Here you will limit speed on applications. If you had a desire lookof statistics of a program runtime, come on the Zone View panel.

2. Before limiting speed, learn it. Then download and install the SpeedLimit program. It will allow you to limit speed in the local area network. Start the SpeedLimit utility. This program on the panel under the name "System settings" is installed. It is very simple to limit or increase speed. In a program window in the section "Speed" determine number.

3. The Wget program allows to limit speed too. You will be able to configure it very quickly. If it is necessary to limit speed, come into the section "Options". Then select "Key" and you click limit – rate. Then specify only value in kilobytes and save all changes. Now speed is limited. Also the NetPeeker program will help to limit access. Come into the program. You can get acquainted with the speed of work of each application previously. If you have a desire to limit speed, set those values which will suit you. Besides, you can even prohibit access. The NetPeeker program blocks pop-up windows that facilitates net surfing, considers traffic. The utility is multifunction. You can right-click, and the small window where click the Limit Speed tab for speed limit will open.

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