How to limit the number of connections

How to limit the number of connections

Now there is a set of the programs using local area networks and the Internet. Some of them create a large number of simultaneous connections. It can cause unfairly high expense of computing resources. In many cases if to limit the number of connections, it is possible to optimize computer performance.

It is required to you

  • Editor of the Register program which is included in the package of delivery of Windows.


1. Start the Editor of the Register program. For this purpose open the Start-up menu and select item ""Execute"...". In the appeared dialog in the Open field enter ""regedit"". Press the OK button.

2. Open a registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip Parameters] in the editor of the register. In the right panel of the editor of the register the tree of registry keys of Windows is displayed. At clique on the sign ""+" about a registry key name inscription, or at doubleclick on the inscription, there is a deployment of the corresponding branch. Consistently expand register branches, following the given path. Select the last section ""Parameters"". For this purpose click once it with the left mouse button.

3. Limit the general quantity connections. In the selected section ""Parameters"" create TcpNumConnections value of the REG_DWORD type. For this purpose right-click in a free part of the right panel of the editor of the register. In the appeared context menu select the Create item. One more menu will open. Select in it the DWORD Parameter item. New parameter with the name ""New #1 Parameter"" will be created. Enter TcpNumConnections value in this field and click ENTER. Make doubleclick on just created field. There will be a dialog ""Change of the DWORD parameter"". In the Value field of a dialog enter number to which you want to limit total number of connections. Click "OK" in a dialog.

4. Limit the number of connections to each unique IP address. For this purpose create MaxUserPort value of the REG_DWORD type in the section ""Parameters"". Create actions of parameter are similar to the actions described in the previous point. Set suitable value. The greatest possible value of this parameter is equal to 65534.

5. Reboot. After that the made changes will become effective. Check correctness of work of often used applications which are intensively using network.

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