How to limit to the user Internet access

How to limit to the user Internet access

In network is available useful and necessary information, but is harmful and useless, especially for children. The child does not understand some things and climbs in forbidden materials. How to make unavailable an entrance to the Internet?

It is required to you

  • - software of Kaspersky Internet Security;
  • - KidsControl program.


1. Use the software of Kaspersky Internet Security. It not only will protect from the virus attacks, but will block access to some programs. In the upper corner on the right of the opened program click on the link which should move you to "Settings". In a window come into the section "Protection" at the left.

2. Find "The network screen", then click "Setup …". Pass into the subsection "Rules of Filtering". In the offered list select the necessary program for which you want to limit Internet access. Under the list of programs it is necessary to click "Add". Then in the Network Rule window it is necessary to pass into the Actions point. Click "Block". Find Web Browsing in the section "Network Service". Further it is necessary to click okC "The network screen" you pass into "Rules of filtering". Under your program will be written "Prohibit". Click OK. Now for the prohibited software there is no Internet connection.

3. Make restriction for children, using the KidsControl program. Download it and install. In a window of the program find the Rights of Users point. Pass in "Administrator" and further press "Access to the control panel". Prohibit access to the control panel for users.

4. Make the list of resources which you want to prohibit to limit to users Internet access. Click "The prohibited resources" and in the necessary points put checkboxes. Configure the resolved and prohibited websites, having made the black and white list. You can limit completely availability to the Internet, having specified certain days and time. For this purpose it is possible to use "The schedule of access". Select the necessary periods and days of the week to block Internet connection. In "The log of loadings" it is possible to view data on the visited resources during your absence. If you have Windows Vista, then by means of the built-in means you will limit use of the Internet to undesirable persons.

5. Create the additional account, for example, for the child. Enter "Start-up", find "Control panel" and click the Creation of the Account point. Give it the name. The password does not need to be set. In the subsection "Task of Parents of Management" it is necessary to select the necessary user and to include it in the Parental control point. Configure group on restriction of use of the Internet and prohibit use of certain services on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team