How to limit traffic of the Internet

How to limit traffic of the Internet

Sometimes it is necessary to limit traffic of the Internet if connection speed not really high. Also it can be done if several people use the Internet that too lowers speed. There are ad hoc methods which will allow to achieve execution of this task.


1. Download the software "CC Proxy" from the official site. Click on the link "Download" and further click "Open" for loading of this file. In a dialog box click "Execute" to begin installation process. Just follow the offered instructions on the screen. The installation wizard will make all other work.

2. Start applications after installation. Open it, having passed into the Start menu - "Programs" where you will find the folder "CC Proxy". Press the button with the inscription "Account". When the window of the Manager function opens, click on the Create button.

3. Enter the IP address of the computer on which you want to limit traffic in the IP address/IP Range field. In the section "Throughput" enter the desirable speed of loading. You can also specify programs for which you want to lower it. For example, P2P-client, manager of applications or browser. Save these settings, having clicked "Save".

4. Use also alternative way. Download "Traffic Shaper XP" from an official resource of the same name. This program represents the application probably on "CC Proxy". On the website click "Load".

5. Click the Open key to save the file of installation in the temporary folder of the computer. After completion of loading click "Execute" and follow instructions on the screen for completion of installation.

6. Start this application, having passed into the section Pprogramma in the Start-up system menu. Find the Traffic Shaper XP folder. Press in the menu the File button and click the Create the Rule function. Specify type of connection to the Internet here. Click "Network adapter" in the revealed list to see the list of the supported connections to the Internet.

7. Click "Direction" and select "The speed of downloading of files". Click "Further". Specify type of restriction of traffic in the Speed limit field. For example, "90 kbps". Click on the Further and Is ready keys. Settings will be saved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team