How to load the ready website

How to load the ready website

Creation of the website consists of several important stages and if the most part of these stages passes in offline when the website is designed, its design layout is formed, filling of the website is programmed; that the last and most important point in creation of the website is its loading on the server of the hosting selected by you. For loading of the website on the server use the FTP interface via which you will be able to load on the server all files of the website which are stored at you on the computer – both graphic elements, and databases, and stylesheets.


1. For file allocation use any the FTP client, convenient for you. Write the login and the password for access to FTP – these data should be sent you from a hosting. All files of the website need to be loaded into a root folder of the FTP directory.

2. If you configure connection to the server by means of Total Commander, start the program and select in the menu an option "Network" and "Connect to the FTP Server". Click "Add" and enter a name of your website in the appeared field, in the Server field enter a domain name, in the Account field enter a user name, and in the Password field enter the password to FTP.

3. Install a tick on the Passive Mode point and if you use the proxy server, note it in settings. In the folder "yours domenwww" place files of the website, having copied them from that folder on the computer in which they were stored.

4. For connection with the server through the CuteFTP program, start the program and select creation of new connection (Ctrl+N). Using the credentials, enter them in the appeared window in the respective fields.

5. Having entered all data, click "Be connected". Copy files on the server.

6. After the website is completely loaded, you can add via the web hosting interface on the website the database, having pressed the corresponding button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team