How to look at a MMS on the website Beeline

How to look at a MMS on the website Beeline

MMS – service of the multimedia messages going by means of cellular communication. Combining the SMS and WAP functions, these messages allow to send text and graphic or sound information.


1. To send and receive mms-messages, make sure that your phone supports this service. The mobile device should be equipped with the color screen for a possibility of demonstration of photos and pictures, to play video and audiofiles. By means of a MMS it is possible to reproduce the image with a resolution up to 640×480 pixels and small videos lasting from 20 to 40 seconds. In general the size of the mms-message should not exceed 300 kb.

2. Service MMS is connected free of charge by each mobile network operator, however for its use it is necessary to save the settings of the supplier of communication suitable especially for your mobile phone. You can request settings for MMS and WAP from the representative of technical support of the company "to number of a customer support 0611. The operator will send you SMS messages with further instructions of connection of MMS service on your phone.

3. If the size of the mms-message received by you exceeds the maximum allowed sizes or your phone does not support resolution of the received files and cannot reproduce them, then instead of the media image you receive a web link to your a MMS. Copy this link and insert it into an address bar of the web browser on the phone, having used service of WAP connection of the Beeline company. Your multimedia message will open online - connection in your phone.

4. If on your account there are not enough means for WAP connection use, look at the mms-message from the computer. For this purpose open the browser in your computer and enter the address (web link) received on a MMS into an address bar.

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