How to look at all albums of VKontakte

How to look at all albums of VKontakte

Modern social networks are offered to the users by a huge number of different opportunities and one of - viewing photos from albums of the person.

Social network VKontakte

The social network VKontakte allows to create albums with photos. Each registered user by means of the corresponding button "Create an Album" which is in the section "Photos" can make it. Besides, if desired it is possible to limit a circle of people which can watch any given photo. It is possible to change display options in "Settings", in the Privacy tab, or in settings of some specific album.

Viewing albums of VKontakte


For standard viewing all albums it is necessary to become authorized on social network by means of the login and the password, to visit the page to some specific friend and to press the Albums button which is located over photos in the menu at the left. After that it is necessary to thumb through a little the page down to that time, the inscription "Show All Albums" will not appear yet. After click all available albums will open, and they can be browsed.

It should be noted one essential nuance which is that not all users want their photos and other information to be viewed by all users of social network VKontakte. In this regard, in privacy settings the special parameter which will allow to protect some albums from public eyes can be set.

If the user limited a circle of people which can browse albums on the most social network VKontakte and these photos will not be displayed, then it is possible to use a third-party resource (or resources) which will allow to browse all albums of the user, even closed. For example, one of such resources is the website which has a little changed appearance, but its interface is very similar to VKontakte. After the user becomes authorized under the login and the password, he will be able to visit the page of the person interesting him and to click the inscription Photos with User then all photos in which the person is marked out will open.

There are two more good resources, it: and which work almost equally. To see information hidden from the user, it is necessary to enter ID of the interesting person and to press the Look button. After the system obtains data, the user will be able to browse not only the hidden albums, but also notes, applications and many other things. It should be noted that these resources do not request any logins and passwords, so, they will not be able to get access to confidential information of the user in any way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team