How to look at connection speed

How to look at connection speed

Presently it is difficult to imagine life without the Internet – the most popular assistant in the solution of many questions of people of all age. One of the key parameters affecting convenience of net surfing the Internet is connection speed.


1. From time to time there is a question of quality of the connection provided to you. If you noticed that work of the Internet slowed down, and some websites / programs work more slowly, than usually, it is necessary to measure connection speed. If errors and slow loading of web pages are not noticed, just will not prevent to make sure whether the actual speed of the Internet matches the digits of your rate stated by provider.

2. Now a huge number of the websites capable to perform the necessary measurements is provided to networks. For example, similar function is on the website of one of the most widespread search engines – Yandex. For this purpose visit the page and click "Measure Speed". After some time the website will show the indicator interesting you.

3. Also there is a number of the special programs allowing to collect more difficult statistics of your work in the Internet on a wide range of indicators. These utilities are not difficult programs and are often distributed for free. For finding of those gather in the search engine keyword query "the utility for monitoring of Internet traffic" or "the program for calculation of traffic". Study the offered options and select that program which has a function of measurement of the maximum and minimum speed of network functioning. Then install and start the program.

4. If special tochnost of measurement of speed of the Internet are not required, it is possible to count it, proceeding from the maximum speed of loading of files. Select on any resource which is not limiting downloading speed, any file and download it. The speed measured in CB/c (kilobyte per second) will be specified in a download manager of your browser. To transfer this digit to MB/c (megabit per second), increase it by 0.008. If the calculated digit should be specified in KB/c (kilobit per second), then increase the final result of the previous action for 1024.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team